Tutorial using the UMLMDA Demo Workspace

Table of Contents

1. Requirements
2. Installation
3. Open the model
4. Start the generator

1. Requirements

  • Eclipse 3.0.1

  • AXIS 1.1

  • Hibernate 2.1

  • JBoss 4.0.1

  • JBoss IDE (optional)

  • UML-Modelling tool (Rational Rose, ArgoUML)

2. Installation

  • Download UMLMDAGenerator and UMLMDADemoWorkspace from UMLMDA Downloadpage

  • Unzip UMLMDAGenerator*.zip to a directory, referenced later in the text as ${umlmda.home}

  • Unzip UMLMDADemoWorkspace*.zip to a directory, reference later in this text as ${umlmda.workspace}

  • Start Eclipse using the Workspace from ${umlmda.workspace}

  • Refresh all projects (Select all projects, File|Refresh).

  • Edit Classpath Variables and check correct setting of AXIS_HOME, HIBERNATE_HOME and JBOSS4_HOME

    Figure 1. 

  • Edit ant runtime properties (Window|Preferences|Ant|Runtime|Properties), add umlmda.home, value is the path where UMLMDAGenerator was unpacked (${umlmda.home}).

    Figure 2. 

3. Open the model

In UMLGeneratorTest you find a model UMLGeneratorTest.mdl, open the model using Rational Rose.

Figure 3. 

4. Start the generator

To start the generator using ant. Best you use the ant view to start your build scripts. To generate from the model, start the ant target generateUML.

Figure 4.