Other open source projects used in this project

jostraca jostraca provides a code generator based on templates with a jsp syntax. It compiles the templates to java classes, which doing the actual generation.
nsuml umlns is a java class library, which can load uml models exported to XMI. The version I used is from the ArgoUML distribution.

for creating non uml models, I used XML-Schema to define the model. From the schema I generated java classes with could load and store the xml-models. There are some limitation with these generated models.

  • Navigation is only posible to the childs
  • It is not possible to implement interfaces for the classes
  • It is not possible to extend the generated classes
JavaCC A java parser generator used for the user section merger
ArgoUML ArgoUML is a open source UML modelling tool. The models are stored in XMI, which are packed in a zip-archive with the suffix .zargo.

MDA / Generation related links

iqgen Innoq provides a generator which is quite similar to jUMLMDA, the main difference is that only uml models are supported, while in jUMLMDA any domain model can be loaded. Actually a talk at the Java User Group Stuttgart from one of the developers gave me the idea for this project.

IBM Rational Software Modeler / Architect (RSM/RSA) related links

developerWorks support and discussion forum for RSM/RSA.