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The goal of the project is to provide a framework for generating source code from models. Compared to other projects the model use for generation input doesn't have to be a UML model. It can be any java object model. Because uml modelling is so much important a java class library, which offers an easy access to an UML model is provided. UML models exported to XMI could be loaded by this java class library. There is a special support for ArgoUML to load the XMI data directly from the ArgoUML model files.


Actually the uml library wraps the nsuml library to read uml models from xmi exports. The current version supports only the nsuml implementation and therefor only models from ArgoUML can be loaded. The next version will also support xmi models exported by other UML tools like Ration Rose or Together.


12. August 2005

Integration as transformation plugin in IBM Rational Software Modeller/Architect (RSM/RSA) released. See Documentation.

10. March 2005

Release with optimized or none optimized wsdl generation.

1. February 2005

Release eclipse example workspace and minitutorial for version 1.3.1. Developing for webservices are ongoing.

10. July 2003

First launch of the homepage, more work to do.